Learning Resources


There are tons of great resources for software developers at the moment. A lot of the following resources I have found over the last 2 years after working with the Laravel Framework. Working with the framework introduced me to the PHP community and a wide range of learning materials.

Video Tutorials


The site teaches modern PHP development within the Laravel framework. All the videos are short 10 to 20 minute lessons created by Jeffrey Way. Jeffrey manages to make complex subjects clear and simple to understand and there is lots to learn even if you are not using Laravel.

Clean Coders

Great video site focusing on architecture, SOLID principles and Agile practices. Uncle Bob talks you through some of the more advanced areas of software development with physics lessons thrown in.


Loosely Coupled

This is my favourite podcast because each episode focuses on a single topic. The presenters Jeff Carouth and Matt Frost are entertaining and cover each subject comprehensively. Most topics are non language specific and the series covers a range of issues that effect developers in their careers.

PHP Town Hall

Ben Edmunds and Phil Sturgeon discuss the latest events in PHP and the stresses and strains of internals RFC’s. This podcast is entertaining and will introduce you to tools and people that are worth looking up.

Laravel Podcast

Hosted by Shawn McCool with regular guests Jeffrey Way and Laravel creator Taylor Otwell. The podcast focus on Laravel related topics which are great introductions to to concepts like IOC containers.

Even more podcasts

There are tons more great podcasts out there like No Capes, PHP Round Table and Dev Hell. For a more comprehensive list of podcasts please visit PHP Podcasts