AngularJS SEO


A month after releasing a new AngularJS site I started reviewing how Google had indexed the site. To my surprise Google hadn’t done such a bad job. Google had announced last year that they can now index sites that rely on JavaScript and this seems to work 70% of the time. But some pages weren’t rendering, leaving AngualrJS variables in the page titles and descriptions. With one of the pages being the home page, we needed to find a solution.

We looked into implementing Googles AJAX crawling scheme using the prerender/prerender package. We hesitated when we discovered a blog post saying that Google might stop crawling sites in this method. The team decided to continue with prerender hoping it would fix other search engines if Google had dropped support.

Adding prerender to our setup was easy and re-fetching the Google bot fixed the indexes with errors. I can definitely say Google is still using the AJAX crawling scheme and I would recommend prerender to anyone trying to reliably index a JavaScript heavy site.