I am a LAMP stack developer with over 7 years experience creating everything from small static sites to large web applications. I enjoy furthering my skills in all aspects of development and take a huge amount of pride in crafting quality code.

Skills Summary

  • Object oriented programming.
  • Unit testing and test driven development.
  • Application monitoring and error handling.
  • Mobile web application development.
  • API design and development.
  • Payment gateway integration.
  • Advertising integration.
  • System administration.
  • Remote development.
  • Clear communicator.
  • Continuous learning.


  • PHP, PHPUnit, Laravel, Composer, Wordpress
  • JavaScript, jQuery, NPM, Bower
  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • Git
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Linux, Apache, Vagrant, Homestead, Ansible, Forge, Bash, AWS, Digital Ocean, Rackspace
  • Vim

Open Source Contributions

Laravel Airbrake
A package authored by myself which bootstraps the official Airbrake package to the Laravel framework. It also solves a security issue by filtering sensitive variables from the log messages which are set by the framework.

My Dev Environment
Bash scripts to build my developer environment on remote servers and virtual machines.

Laravel Framework
Helped fix an issue in one of the frameworks console commands.

PHP Workshop
Helped to increase unit test coverage for the package as part of their “hacktoberfest” drive.

Improved the exception errors within the Monolog StreamHandler after experiencing a confusing error within my own application.

Upgraded the packages dependancy on laravel-analytics to the latest release. This made the packages installation easier.

Text Truncator
A package authored by myself to limit paragraphs of text and append “read more” links or ellipses.

Work History

Wirebox Logo

Developer: April 2010 - Present Day
At Wirebox I work on a large range of projects, both remotely and on site at our client’s offices. I play a large roll in quoting on new work and liaising with clients to spec out software features. It’s common for us to work alone or in teams where we have to juggle multiple features by using GIT branching strategies. Within the company I help mentoring some of the junior developers and research new technologies.

NQ Solicitors
NQ Solicitors is a website created for our client to help match newly qualified solicitors to potential employers.

We used the Laravel framework to create this bespoke application. The team was comprised of myself and three other developers. To help standardise our environments we used the frameworks Vagrant based package Homestead. To further ease development for some of the team I created bash scripts which expanded on the base Homestead image. These scripts installed mailcatcher, ran package managers Composer and NPM, compiled Javascript and CSS files with Elixir/Gulp, ran database migrations/seeders and helped them to switch between GIT branches.

I was the main point of contact with the client for the team. I organised the team by relaying new feature requests and bug reports using the DoneDone ticket manager. We provisioned both a staging and production server using Laravel Forge. The push to deploy feature enabled us to demo new features by merging code to a staging branch. Which when approved, would then be released to production by merging to the master branch.

To help us monitor the application in the wild we have added logging to all areas of the application and receive real time error reports using Airbrake.

The application was officially launched on the 26th of October 2016.

Owen Lewis Design Logo

Developer: January 2009 - April 2010
I started my career as an PHP/HTML developer creating small dynamic websites and web forms. Many of the sites required SEO tweaks, Google Analytics and Adsense integrations.

Woodovis Park
The award winning Devonshire campsite commissioned us to create a large touchscreen information board that would inform their guests of activities and events in the local area. Taking into account the unique hardware and environment we worked closely with our clients, wireframing and testing the UI to create a great user experience.

Hobbies and Interests

In my spare time I enjoy listening to development podcasts, watching science documentaries and playing ukulele and bass guitar.